Workplace/Career Concerns

Therapy provides a place to sort through feelings about work and career and to work on practical change that will help you move forward in life.


Issues related to work and career can threaten to shake our very identity and feelings of competency in the world. Most men and women have a personal self and a professional self. When our professional self feels threatened or unrecognized, our personal self can also be thrown off balance. Because our career is also linked to our livelihood, these concerns can have far-reaching effects.

Work and career issues come up for a variety of reasons. Managing difficult workplace relationships, either with co-workers or a boss, can leave you depleted and frustrated, even angry. You may suddenly find that the career you dreamed of, studied for, and planned on, is not a viable option—or you realize you no longer feel passionate about it. Perhaps you left the workforce to raise a family, only to discover that you have lost your place on your chosen career path. You may feel the job you’ve been doing for years is pointless and want to do something with more meaning. Or perhaps the sudden loss of your job has demoralized you, leaving you lost and depressed, unable to move forward.

Therapy can help you navigate work challenges and make them more manageable. It’s a place to sort through your feelings about work and career, and to work on practical changes that will help you achieve your goals.