Women’s Issues

Therapists can give you the support you need as you look more deeply at your life, choices and your vision of yourself. Therapy provides a safe place to sort through your questions.


As a woman, you may struggle with the desire to nurture those close to you at the expense of paying attention to your own needs for nourishment and self-assertion. You may feel caught in a pattern in which you support others and then feel resentful. Perhaps you push away your longings for self-expression or creative time alone. You may find yourself in a situation where being a woman seems to prevent you from getting ahead and you are uncertain about what to do. Or you may be unsure about becoming a mother and want to explore your doubts so that you can make a decision that’s right for you.

Aging also affects women in unique ways. Changes in your appearance as well as your physical and mental capabilities can bring new challenges. Dealing with your changing body can leave you feeling uncertain about relationships and the place of intimacy in your life. Perhaps you’ve put off having children in order to establish your career and as a result are having problems with fertility. How can you go on to become a parent? What do you do with your feelings of anger and grief?

Therapy provides a safe environment where you can sort through questions and address feelings. A qualified therapist can give you the support you need as you look more deeply at your life, your choices, and your vision of yourself.