Therapy works toward resolving conflicts that interfere with sexual functioning. You can also expand your understanding of what it means to be sexual and sensual and to truly be intimate with yourself and others.


Sexuality is one of the most misunderstood of human needs. Our culture tends to make intimacy and sexuality all about sex: Are you getting “enough” sex? Is your partner wanting “too much” sex? Are you having the “right kind” of sex? We have lost touch with the fullness of our sexual nature and the tremendous potential it holds for pleasure, connection, and intimacy.

We can also sustain injuries to our sexuality. Sexual abuse, inappropriate touch, and negative messages about body image can result in low self-esteem, confusion about ourselves and our identity, eating disorders, and other troubling issues.

Our sexuality is complex and multidimensional: It includes sensuality, delight, imagination, creativity, self-revelation, love and connection. Sexuality is an essential aspect of who we are. All too often, however, we grow up without access to the fullness of our own sexuality.

Therapy can help you address sexual issues and promote healing. In therapy, you can resolve conflicts that interfere with sexual functioning and also expand your understanding of what it means to be sexual and sensual. Relationships are at the heart of sexuality: Your relationship to yourself and to those you love. A therapist can help you improve those relationships and the quality of your sexual connection.

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