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Zonya Johnson, Ph.D.

License Number

PSY 7119

Phone Number

(925) 254-2027

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5835 College Ave., Suite B
Oakland, CA 94618

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About My Practice

Psychotherapy involves exploring the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that may cause pain or difficulty in your life. Talking through problems with a skilled professional at your own pace helps you develop understanding and insight into your concerns, allowing you to change and heal.

Psychotherapy also allows you to identify and remove obstacles to personal growth. The problems that bring people into therapy come from many sources. They may spring from current or past family conflicts, from the social environment, from inner emotional conflict, or from cultural, spiritual, or health issues.

Helping people maximize their individual potential is a never-ending source of satisfaction. I have special interests in relationship issues, women’s issues, and cultural values, and health-related problems. I also enjoy helping people find a balance between the demands of work, self, spirit, and family. Ultimately, therapy can help you learn more effective strategies to reach your goals. It can help you to meet life head on, with courage and creativity, and fully experience what life has to offer.

I have worked as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist for over 25 years. I work with people with a broad range of psychological and relationship problems. I very much enjoy the socio-cultural diversity of the Bay Area, and my psychotherapy practice reflects this diversity.

To schedule an appointment, or for more information about my practice, please visit my website.

Professional Interests

Relationship and intimacy issues

Depression, anxiety, and self-esteem problems

Health-related issues exploring the emotional aspects of physical illness

Recovery from eating disorders, sexual abuse, trauma

Learning to make self a priority

Ethnocultural issues, biracial families, and acculturation

Managing/balancing career and family

Stress related to infertility, reproductive technology, adoption

Managing life crises and life transitions


Ph.D. from Boston University, 1974

M.A. from Boston University, 1972

Experience / Training

Over 25 years psychotherapy practice

15 years administration of clinical training programs and teaching psychotherapy to graduate students

Professional Affiliations / Activities

American Psychological Association

Former Faculty San Francisco State, CSPP, Wright Institute

Current Faculty Saybrook Graduate School