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Susan Berger, LMFT

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MA 21193

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(415) 751-6515

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(925) 948-0562

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2354 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

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1415 Oakland Blvd, Ste. 100
Walnut Creek CA 94596

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About My Practice

Sometimes, change results from conscious and deliberate effort. For example, it can take conscious effort to begin to practice taking good care of oneself and one’s relationships.

Sometimes, change comes about through a natural evolution. Something is happening below the surface that erupts into a new sense of self. The new ways of being now seem natural as opposed to effortful.

I think of therapy as both the catalyst and the medium for both of these processes. The qualities that I bring that make these changes possible are many. I have 30 years of experience, am easy to talk to, and highly sensitive to what goes on below the surface. I am creative in my responses, so no two therapies will ever look the same. I don’t see myself as an authority, but as a collaborator who brings psychological expertise to relationships in which my clients bring expertise about themselves.

I have a strong background in ethnic and cultural diversity and have worked with clients from around the world. Understanding how culture, class and sexual orientation have effected your life can be eye opening and healing.

Couples Therapy
I understand that many couples avoid therapy because they fear that opening up will worsen the situation or even destroy the relationship. It is important to know that couples therapy is not about finding out who is right or who is wrong or assigning blame for difficulties. It is about getting underneath endless arguments and cold silences, and working through angry and hurt feelings in a safe place. I help couples bring back feelings of connectedness, loving kindness, and passion, and build a strong sense of true partnership.

Are You Struggling With an Affair?
The fallout from affairs can be painful, and is frequently traumatic. I see couples who are attempting to put the pieces back together, and individuals who find themselves caught in the web of deceit. I also see individuals who are questioning their involvement with a married person or whose partner has had an affair. (Visit my blog,

In addition to the following areas, I have experience working with a wide variety of issues that adults and adolescents bring to therapy.

Professional Interests

Relationships: Working through blocks to loving, secure and fulfilling connections.

Depression: understanding and working through the roots of your depression such as loss, low self esteem or interpersonal dynamics.

Affairs: Healing the trauma and finding new direction

Multicultural, Multiethnic relationships: culture clashes, racism, internalized racism.

Relocation: including immigration; grieving the loss of the old and creating something new that can eventually feel more like home.


M.A. from California Institute of Integral Studies at San Francisco, 1982

Experience / Training

30 years clinical practice, 19 years teaching graduate and community students of psychology

27 years supervising interns and consulting licensed clinicians

Professional Affiliations / Activities

Former Adjunct Faculty, New College of California, San Francisco

Former Teacher, University of California Berkeley Extension

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Clinical Member