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John Bogardus, LCSW

License Number

LCS 10050

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(707) 254-5377

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1902 Webster St
San Francisco, CA 94115

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710 W. Napa St #2
Sonoma, Ca 95476

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About My Practice

The men and women I work with in my practice seek psychotherapy for many reasons: They are tired of having the same old fight with their partner. They feel trapped in a job that once seemed perfect. A supposed friend suddenly betrayed their trust, leaving them shaken. They find themselves worrying all the time and can’t seem to stop. They feel confused and overwhelmed and they’re ready for things to change.

My clients are talented, intelligent, and well-educated people who feel they are not living up to their potential in work or relationships. They can’t seem to get out from under self-defeating attitudes and behaviors, which may include alcohol and substance abuse. They would like to discover what has been preventing them from living authentically and creatively, and get on with enjoying their lives.

In therapy, we begin making sense of behavior and feelings that “don’t add up.” We talk together to understand how a feeling, symptom, or situation has come to exist — a simple act that can open opportunities for discovering new solutions where none seemed possible.

My style with clients is warm and interactive. I have worked successfully with both individuals and couples, both gay and straight, to integrate a sense of accomplishment. I invite you to my website to learn more about my practice.

Professional Interests

Transforming self-defeating behaviors and attitudes, fear of failure and fear of success, and negative self-esteem issues that interfere with achieving life goals

Resolving issues of depression, anxiety, guilt, and trauma

Learning to build intimate relationships, and exploring relationship problems with family or friends

Supporting your recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, and with issues affecting Adult Children of Alcoholics

Discovering what is blocking you from living a more creative, authentic life

Working with Small Business Owners to effectively address the everyday problems associated with running a business including stress, loneliness, and the desire to be excellent.


M.S.W. from Smith College School for Social Work at Northampton, MA, 1980

Experience / Training

Many years clinical experience in private practice and community mental health settings; many years postgraduate research studying effective psychotherapy; former NAADAC certified Substance Abuse Professional

Professional Affiliations / Activities

Supervising Therapist for The San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group Training Center and Clinic

Former Clinical Faculty for The Wright Institute and U.C.S.F./Mt Zion Hospital

San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group, member