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Carol Mills, LCSW

License Number

LCS 13712

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(415) 584-1708

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3890 24th St.
San Francisco, CA 94114

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About My Practice

I see psychotherapy as a conversation — sometimes long, sometimes shorter — between you, the client, and me, the psychotherapist. This conversation is a protected and special place in which you can comfortably explore, articulate, and share ideas and feelings, and begin to deal constructively with the stresses and difficulties that are troubling you. Because each person’s story is their own, our conversation will be shaped by you and your own unique goals and hopes for the future.

I also view psychotherapy as a partnership. In our conversation, I am an active participant, listening to what you have to say, asking questions, and reflecting back to you. In this process I always support your self-discovery and healing, looking for what is going right in your life and encouraging experimentation toward something new. And we always have time for laughter.

It takes courage to try something new and to move forward with hope. Your investigation now into finding the right partner for you is one step of the journey. Please feel free to call me with questions about beginning a conversation together.

Professional Interests

Working with current depression and anxiety as a catalyst for change

Assisting individuals and couples in working through relationship and intimacy concerns

Supporting parents to overcome the confusion and anxiety that comes with raising a child

Helping people through substance abuse recovery

Empowering women seeking to understand or find their strengths

Understanding how difficult life transitions can move us toward growth


M.S.W. from San Francisco State University, 1984

A.B. from U.C. Berkeley, 1982

Experience / Training

Twenty-five years clinical experience, including private practice and medical social work

Professional Affiliations / Activities

National Association of Social Workers

Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work