In therapy, the very act of having someone listen to you deeply is profoundly healing. Therapy is a safe place in which to share your innermost thoughts and unravel the knot of complex feelings in which you are caught.


When periods of loneliness and isolation stretch into weeks, months, years. Or even a lifetime, the strain can become unbearable. In our fast-paced and materially obsessed culture, many work so hard that there is little time for meaningful relationships. There may not even be one close friend to turn to for comfort and understanding.

Even if you are in a relationship, you may feel a sense of disconnection. Perhaps your partner is more comfortable avoiding engagement, while you long for contact. Maybe you’re uncomfortable seeking out connection if you’ve been hurt by others in the past. Or perhaps you were never taught the skills necessary to establish and maintain relationships.

The depression and isolation created by loneliness can ripple through your life, even affecting your health. It can leave you feeling badly about yourself, making it difficult to reach out to others, ultimately creating more isolation.

In therapy, the very act of having someone deeply listen to you can be profoundly healing. Therapy can be a safe place to share your innermost thoughts and explore complex feelings. A therapist will sit with you as you emerge from your loneliness, help you be at peace with where you are, and aid you in finding ways to risk moving out into the world.