Life Transitions/Decision-making

Transitions like going to college or starting a new career can cause unexpected emotions to emerge. Therapy can help you look at these new feelings and use them as an opportunity to move forward.


Life is made up of a series of transitions. Entering middle school, then high school, and then college; beginning a career and choosing a life partner; changing jobs, starting a family or dealing with divorce. Relocation or changes in identity also involve the process of transitioning. Transitions, whether expected or surprising, can be difficult to navigate and at times overwhelming.

Your emotions at these junctures may surprise you. You may think, “My child left for college and that’s what we worked for. Why do I feel so sad?” Or “My Dad’s inability to care for himself has me really upset. I don’t think I should feel angry about this, but I do.”

At such crucial times, it can be difficult to make decisions, especially about life-changing choices involving career, marriage, or children. Transitions can also trigger previously unexplored issues. Decision-making strategies and coping methods that worked in the past may no longer apply. During such times you may feel overwhelmed and alone.

Therapy can help you deal effectively with these new challenges. By focusing on your feelings and discussing your situation with a skilled therapist, a time of great difficulty can become an opportunity to move forward and thrive.