Infertility/Pregnancy Loss/Postpartum Depression

Therapy can help couples and individuals navigate the complex feelings associated with repeated fertility trials, post partum depression, as well as the loss of a child.


Children represent our own generative powers, our creation of family, our future hopes and dreams. Being unable to conceive, after years of trying, can be devastating, making a couple feel alone, hopeless, and inadequate, putting tremendous strain on a marriage. You may blame yourself or your partner, even though no one is at fault.

If you have lost a child—whether through miscarriage or stillbirth—you may feel you are no longer the same person you were before the pregnancy. Even if you go on to give birth to healthy children in the future, or adopt children you will love, the loss of this child has changed you.

Feelings of disconnection and deep sadness can sometimes surprise new moms after their much-wanted child has been born. You may be experiencing loss of appetite, feelings of inadequacy, lack of joy, and difficulty bonding with your baby. Hormones, lack of sleep, being overwhelmed by new responsibilities, and exhaustion can all play a role.

Therapy can help you navigate the complex emotions associated with repeated fertility trials and/or the loss of a child. Likewise, it can provide support to a new mother during the stressful early months of caring for her baby, helping her to move through the complicated, overwhelming, and unanticipated feelings that can arise at this time.

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