Child/Adolescent / Family/Parenting

Parents can learn simple skills that can have a profound impact on your family’s happiness, and regain the excitement you once had about being a parent.


Raising children is a hard job, in any circumstance, but the pressures of our world today make it even more so. Outside influences on the family have never been greater. Our children have to negotiate an accelerated and complex social culture where the Internet, media and aggression gain more and more of a foothold in the family. Parents are often overwhelmed and frustrated by financial and other concerns and find less and less time for their children.

Family stressors, like tension in your marriage or illness, can have a significant effect on your child. Your child may be anxious, easily frustrated and angry, or remote and distracted. Or perhaps he or she is having trouble at school. Your teenager may seem distant, sad or defiant for no apparent reason. You may feel at a loss about how to respond to these behaviors and need help resolving family tensions.

Therapy can help you and your family understand what is causing the distress and help you structure your lives in new ways. You can learn skills to help resolve conflicts and encourage more connection and harmony. This can have a profound impact on your family’s long-term happiness and well-being.

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