Anger Management

Anger management therapy can help you learn new skills to cope with your anger as well as new ways of thinking constructively so you can build healthy relationships in the future.


Anger is a natural emotion that signals something is important. Decoding this signal and understanding what your anger means is key to mastering how you express what’s happening to you. Sometimes we get angry when there is a sense of threat or when we fear intrusion or loss. We can also experience anger when circumstances bear a striking similarity to past situations where we’ve been hurt. Exploring what is underneath our anger can be important in discovering what is truly at stake for us. Once we know the true nature of our upset, we are in a much better position to appropriately express our feelings and effectively advocate for our needs.

Your anger may not be the problem; how you express that anger, though, could be. Appropriately expressed anger can be a way to clear the air, vent feelings, and open the door to honest two-way communication that resolves issues. Poorly expressed anger, such as sarcasm, disrespect, and/or uncontrolled rage, is destructive and often frightening.

If you have trouble controlling how you express your anger, chances are good that you already know it. People may say you have a short fuse, a quick temper, or tell you that your anger frightens them. Your anger may frighten you too.

Psychotherapy can help. By working with a skilled therapist and focusing on the ways you express your anger and on the underlying issues, you can learn new skills and new ways of thinking and behaving. Then, instead of finding yourself in destructive situations, you will be able to harness your feelings, including anger, to build better and more supportive relationships.

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