Therapists can help parents sort through the many issues and stresses surrounding adoption and help you and your partner bond over shared struggles.


Adopting a child is a life-changing event that comes with unique joys and challenges. Often the decision to adopt follows a long, difficult period of trying to get pregnant. Facing the disappointment and the many decisions that await in the process of adopting can be overwhelming for you and your partner. Hopes and fears you never anticipated can arise, touching every aspect of your life.

Therapy can help you sort through the many emotions surrounding adoption, whether you are a parent adopting, an adoptee, or a birth parent. For those looking to adopt, it can help clarify decisions that come up before, during and after the adoption process and help you gain confidence as you create and grow your new family. As an adoptee, therapy can help with the confused feelings you may have about your identity. It can help you identify your needs and wants in relation to your birth and adoptive families. As a birth parent, a sympathetic therapist can provide a safe place to explore and come to terms with the grief, guilt or other complex feelings you may have as the result of your decision to give up your birth child, giving you a freedom you never thought possible.

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