Addictions / Substance Abuse

Therapists who work with addiction and substance abuse offer a supportive environment for you to work towards effective strategies to help cope with cravings and avoid relapse.


If drinking or drug use is interfering with your relationships, causing you to miss work or school, or affecting your life in other negative ways, you have a problem with substance abuse. If you habitually have trouble controlling your impulse to drink, use drugs, gamble, shop, or go on-line, you are suffering from an addiction. Perhaps you are engaging in behavior you don’t feel good about–hiding it from others, lying, making excuses, or putting your addiction above your relationships and responsibilities. You may recognize that your life is out of control, or you may be hearing that from others.

You may believe you can stop on your own, but a combination of physical and psychological factors can make quitting without help difficult, if not impossible. Whether your addiction is physical, psychological, or both, you need support to get your life back in your own hands.

Therapy for substance abuse or addiction can help you stop these behaviors and acquire effective coping strategies for the problems that distress you. With a skilled psychotherapist, you can learn to deal with the strong feelings that arise when you give up your addiction. You can make positive changes that last, resulting in a more satisfying and productive life.

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