Men’s Issues

Therapy offers the opportunity to sort through, understand and express the range of emotions men have inside with the help of a therapist who knows how it feels to unite inner and outer worlds.


What does it really mean to be a man. The contradictory messages men receive often seem impossible to reconcile. Media and culture mandate being powerful and in control, but once men enter romantic relationships, their partners often want them to have the capacity to be vulnerable and emotionally available. Being open and emotionally responsive can be a challenge, especially when the culture can be harsh on boys and men who show their softer side. Sometimes it can feel like the only viable form of expression is anger.

Men often feel pressure to provide the primary financial support for the family. Sometimes a man will find himself spending long hours immersed in work, either to secure an income or to seek a haven from emotional pressures at home. Work demands can result in some men having few friends or social outlets, leaving them feeling isolated despite contact with coworkers or family.

Because men and women are socialized differently, when there is conflict, a man’s seemingly calm or impassive facial expression may in fact be covering up distress, or even panic. Compounding this, men learn from an early age to take action rather than to talk about their feelings, resulting in attempts to problem solve, even when their partners just want them to listen.

If you are a man reading this and some of the above descriptions fit for you, you don’t have to feel alone or stuck. Therapy offers an opportunity to sort through, understand, and reconcile these pressures and demands. Through the course of therapy, you will also learn how to express yourself in ways that lead to greater connection with others.

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