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Grief and Loss

If you have lost someone important you may be feel like you should be "over it" already. However, losing someone you love - whether they have died, or left for other reasons - is a powerful force that can knock you off our feet. Grief can feel like anger, sadness, guilt, or depression. You may feel isolated, terribly lonely, bereft or hopeless.

Although the first year after a loss is often the most difficult, you may continue to be surprised by waves of deep feeling. These can come when you least expect them: in the middle of a meeting, at work or during a family meal, or at more expected times, such as holidays or on the anniversary of our loved one's death. Deep feelings can also be triggered by hearing about someone else's death, by hearing a song that reminds you of the person you lost, or even when something good happens to you and you realize that the person you most want to tell is no longer there.

Therapy can help you work through grief that may be interfering with your ability to experience your life as meaningful and fulfilling. Sharing and working through your grief can bring new vitality into your life in unexpected ways.

Although the first year after a loss is the most difficult, waves of deep feeling can persist. Therapy can help you accept your loss and work through grief that may interfere with life in the present.

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