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Couples Counseling

Sooner or later, most romantic relationships become challenging. Partners begin relationships with many hopes, seeing the best in each other. It is common for relationships to experience a "honeymoon" period where partners overlook each other's flaws. As partners come to know each other more fully, disappointments naturally arise. Then communication can break down, and conflicts can emerge over everyday issues such as money, parenting, or intimacy.

Partners may find themselves repeating hurtful arguments, locked into stony silences, or feeling isolated or criticized. Although things can feel pretty hopeless, these problems are not uncommon. Actually, difficulties in relationships hold the potential to know and be known by your partner in new and deeper ways.

Research has shown that what is most important in healthy relationships is the belief that your partner cares about how you feel. When each person in the couple comes to believe that they can depend on the other to understand and care about them, the relationship is transformed. Differences become an opportunity to learn about each other and grow together. The potential to experience a new kind of joy in being together becomes a real possibility.

Therapists who work with couples support both partners equally, without judging, blaming, or taking sides. They can create an environment of support in which you and your partner can work toward mutual understanding, acceptance, and greater intimacy--discovering friendship, passion and teamwork once again.

Therapists who work with couples can create an environment of support in which you and your partner can begin to work towards mutual understanding, acceptance, and greater intimacy.

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